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The client

South America Implants S.A. is the leading manufacturer of implants and prostheses in Argentina, developing and producing over 30% of implants and prosthetic components used in the region. Their products and services meet high quality standards worldwide and have gained a dominant position as one of the leading brands in many countries. SAI offers solutions and support services for all types of Traumatology, Arthroscopy and Spine procedures, among others.


  • Outsourcing Solution
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design & Development
  • Responsive/Mobile
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Ongoing Support
Qualiaris - South America Implants Case Study - Website Mockup

Needs & context

The client was in need of a complete outsourcing solution regarding their communication processes, strategies and development. This project implied an internal reorganization of their workflows, including project management, communication strategies, social media management, content creation, graphic design, video production, web development and maintenance.

Our approach

We set out to analyse the company’s pain points in order to set long term goals that enabled us to take small but relevant steps towards a new way of facing their marketing and communication efforts.

The solution

We started by employing a time frame based workflow by introducing a Gantt Chart system to keep track of tasks, setting priorities, responsibilities and due dates. Once these new workflows were fully functional for events and conference communications, we rolled out the learnt process onto product launches, and so forth in the remaining areas of communication. 

The complete outsourcing solution involved the structural reinforcement of a fully functional marketing department for the correct execution of these workflows in every need, regarding content creation, multichannel management and results follow up.

Qualiaris - South America Implants Webpage mockup

Strategic marketing planning

General reorganization of the communication structure and strategic marketing planning to operate entirely outside the company, providing instant response.

Qualiaris - South America Implants Case Study - Website Mockup

Process optimization

Streamlining of tasks and processes to increase performance and reduce development time.

Target audience strategy

Strategy creation for the establishment of client-user relations, aiming to increase the relevance of our content according to the target audience.

Qualiaris - South America Implants Brochure

Social media analysis

Redefinition of communication territories according to audiences surveyed via social media and attendance analysis at events, congresses and internal databases.

Results & achievements

Communication efforts are now timely and properly executed on a monthly schedule, involving social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, as well as newsletters. 

Effectiveness and efficiency is closely monitored through reach and engagement rates so as to optimize the content being used throughout the communication strategy.

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