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EPSA is a training institute for professional lifeguards and the sole representatives of ILS in Argentina.

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The client

The EPSA (Professional Water Rescue Team) is a training institute for professional lifeguards and the sole representatives of ILS (International Life Saving Federation) in Argentina. Their core mission is to prevent drowning through education and awareness.


  • Rebranding
  • Creative direction
  • Brand guide
  • Web development
  • Social media
Qualiaris - EPSA Case Study - Website Mockup

Needs & context

The client had an aged and obsolete website that needed updating, their organic social media communication efforts were reactive, discontinuous and without planning, and neither was generating the necessary results to drive growth.
Being the official representatives of ILS in Argentina, the EPSA are the only ones who can issue the international lifeguard certification to work abroad. This positions them as one of the leading institutions in a space largely occupied by small neighborhood clubs and workers’ unions.

We noted they also had no formal procedures for managing their database, or a history of previous years’ student enrollment, that could provide a starting point to establish clear growth objectives.

Our approach

We set out to devise a strategy supported by three main pillars:


Finding a concept that allowed us to align every communication area (Training, Education and Sports) with the institution’s core mission (Prevention).


Elevating the quality of their messaging and their communication pieces, with the goal of positioning the EPSA as the leading institution for lifeguard training.


Focusing enrollment campaigns on their biggest differentiation point: International Certification.

The solution

We developed the concept “Live Prepared”, a lifeguard creed of sorts, evoking the need for training and preparation as the first weapon in accident prevention. 

Next, we created a digital ecosystem, integrating a new responsive website with state-of-the-art analytical communication tools (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel) and a CRM platform (Mailchimp) that enables us to execute and monitor campaigns with precision, for the purpose of generating new leads that could be converted in a lifeguard enrollment pipeline.

Qualiaris - EPSA Webpage mockup

Interactive design

Smooth and sleek animations come together with the design to create a unique and interactive brand experience.

Qualiaris - EPSA Responsive mobile mockup

Mobile minded

Specific attention was placed in design and development to ensure that the website looks pixel-perfect and is optimize for any screen sizes.

Template Strategic planning for digital campaigns 01 Campaign tracking and optimization 02 Ad development 03 Target audience segmentation 04 Content generation for social networks 05 Content scheduling 06

Results & Repercussions

We designed and built a new responsive website for the EPSA and deployed a multichannel campaign on Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads to promote it. This lead generation strategy was the core to the successful growth of enrollment for the 2019, 2020 and 2021 periods.
We laid out a meticulous analytics scheme to keep track of incoming traffic and conversions, which enabled us to accurately forecast future investment and results.

We also set up an automated system on a CRM platform (Mailchimp) to optimize the internal sales structure, and easily follow the evolution of leads and target audience generation for remarketing campaigns.

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